Building Maintenance Service in Cary, NC

Serving areas from the Triangle to Roxboro, NC

Building Maintenance For Corporate & Small Business Accounts

Your business or corporation needs a team that’s dedicated to its cleanliness and its smooth operation. A company’s staff can function like a well-oiled machines as long as they’re able to concentrate on the business at hand, and not the dust under their index finger. Large corporations have specific needs for its building maintenance services, and only a well-staffed and experienced crews can handle them. Security is always a huge concern for your company, even when hiring your own employees. Sometimes security will be breached or compromised because they hired the wrong employees. You’ll never have to worry about Merec Cleaning Systems, because we believe in maintaining your security as much as you do. We stake our credibility and excellent reputation on making sure your company is secure by putting our crews through rigorous background checks.

Improving Your Company’s Air Quality

Our cleaning crews arrive with all the professionalism and certifications that you expect, uniformed and easily identifiable. We’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured, so you have nothing to worry about when using our cleaning service. Our top priority is doing whatever’s necessary to properly train our employees to be compliant with your own security measures. Life on the job can be challenging enough without worrying about dirt and disorder. Your high-traffic areas can quickly become high-stress areas if you don’t have a qualified team providing building maintenance services. No location in your company requires as much attention as the restrooms. Not only can it become unpleasant to visit, but the high-touch areas such as faucets, towel dispensers, flush handles, door knobs, counters, stall walls, showers, and changing areas can easily accumulate and spread germs. Before companies know it, they have a work environment that makes employees less comfortable and much less productive. Our teams even focus on improving your company’s air quality, using four filter back pack canister vacs to remove dirt as small as .3 microns from the air.

More Than a Cleaning Crew--More Like Extra Protection

Merec Cleaning Systems crews are trained to observe and report on any aspect of your property that may need your attention whether it be a leaky faucet or suspicious activity. Our crews have working supervisors with them at all times, so daily inspections will make sure your expectations are met at every visit. Our owners perform monthly physical inspections following a 50 point checklist to insure supervisors are delivering consistent high quality cleaning. Your clean working environment suggests that if your building maintenance is well taken care of, then so are your employees. The owners are always available, 24/7! Just pick up the phone and give us a call anytime you need us. Give us a call at 919-321-8635 to schedule an appointment for a complimentary Raleigh Building Maintenance Service Estimate.