About Us

Family Owned & Operated-- Merec Cleaning Systems

The name Merec is an acronym using the first initials of each member of our family–M-adalin, E-rik, R-honda, E-ddie, and C-ynthia. We’ve been providing quality cleaning service to the Raleigh area since Halloween 2009. It was a tight and intimate operation starting with 3 employees, and quickly growing to 40 employees. We have 3 expert managers over our three departments–residential cleaning accounts, post construction cleaning accounts, and commercial cleaning accounts. We also have 6 assistant managers or supervisors. The rest of our team consists of trained techs.

Meet Our Team

Eddie is currently the president and director of operations for Merec Cleaning. He runs a tight ship, making sure cleaning crews are always maintaining exceptional services with surprise visits. Rhonda, who handles all residential accounts, makes a point to travel to your home to give quotes and build relationships. The initial home contact is usually a female because most residential accounts feel more comfortable with females inside their home. Our family operation seeks to treat every client like a member of the family.

Post-Construction Cleaning Services--Better Than Any Temp Agency

Our professional staff is ready to handle any of your post-construction cleaning needs. With our years of exceptional cleaning service, we’ve learned to be the bridge between the contractor and handing over the keys. The final day on the construction site is not the final day for you and it’s not the final day for us either. We’re that final touch before it’s all said and done. And we treat our post-construction cleaning service with the same professionalism and efficiency as quality contractors. Merec Cleaning is the icing on the cake, the cherry on top, and we’re the reason people are initially impressed or unimpressed with any site. Whether your goal is to live in, work in, or sell a newly constructed property, it’s our team that makes the property attractive and inviting.