About Us

Family Owned & Operated-- Merec Cleaning Systems

Merec Cleaning Systems is immensely proud of our extensive team of quality cleaners. All employees are trained in their individual departments, fully insured and security-vetted and undergo our vigorous training program. We conduct background checks, drug screenings, and obtain references to gain information on character and experience prior to hire. All our staff share the Merec Cleaning Systems commitment to exceed expectations and provide the best possible service we have been entrusted by our clients to do.

Our Leadership

Eddie Diaz is the President and Owner of Merec Cleaning Systems. Eddie is a United States Marine Corps Veteran, who lives by strict core values and total commitment to his staff and clients. After Eddie completed his service as a US Marine, he attended Johnson and Whales University to become an Executive Chef. His journey continued on from there to become a Food and Beverage Director in Miami Fl, providing him with vast experience in the Hotel & Food and beverage fields. Upon relocating to NC, Eddie worked for over 11 years as a Director of Operations overseeing all operations of Housekeeping, Building and Grounds Maintenance, and Food & Beverage, providing an extended scope of understanding of all aspects of the Hospitality industry. His progressive advancement in the field led to the desire to develop Merec Cleaning Systems.

Since 2007, Eddie has continued to develop Merec into an ever-growing portfolio of services. He uses his entrepreneurial expertise to constantly advance the business. As President of an ever-evolving company, Eddie is responsible for all development of policy and procedure and the future direction and oversight of Merec Cleaning Systems. He is very hands-on in his management of all aspects of the company including Health & Safety, Client Relations, Employment Law and Human Resources.

Eddie values and treasures his relationship with our clients which is vital to providing excellent service, ensuring high standards are maintained and client expectations are met. Eddie requires that quality and performance are constantly monitored and maintained by our experienced on-site supervisors in addition to further auditing by two additional levels of management./p>

Why Choose Us

Find out why choosing Merec Cleaning Systems as your cleaning provider will prove to be the right decision for your property or establishment:

  • Positive Word of Mouth - We provide quality work and excellent customer service. This is why 95% of our clients come from referrals which is what sets us apart from our competition.
  • We Build Solid Relationships with Trust and Longevity - Our clients are of paramount importance to us. We build our business relations on integrity, trustworthiness, reliability an accountability making sure that our relationships have longevity.
  • We Listen - To you and your wishes and give you a realistic estimate on how we can manage your account and cleaning requirements.
  • Versatility – We provide a versatile and extensive range of various cleaning services to clients looking for an all in one service provider to streamline their building maintenance requirements.
  • Customization - Our portfolio of services gives us the unique ability to custom tailor each and every client needs to meet their goals and expectations.
  • Support – We have excellent operational and administrative support.
  • Time Management - Our Time Management Software is custom-designed to monitor our staff’s time schedules, by using GPS, Face Recognition for clocking in & out of clients’ accounts, creating various production reports, and labor analysis reports. Its main purpose is to monitor and log all of our operatives’ arrival and departure times from clients’ premises to ensure productivity.
  • Staff - Merec staff become part of our Clients Culture and Family!