Commercial Cleaning Services in Cary, NC

Serving areas from the Triangle to Roxboro, NC

Let us do the cleaning so you can focus on your business

Our expertise, in a full range of cleaning services, will assure that we keep your business clean. Environmental concerns and safety are at the forefront in today’s world. Merec’s thorough safety and training programs are the key to our success of providing excellent service to our clients. All Merec employees are screened through criminal background and drug testing, properly-trained and permanently assigned to a particular building location. This ensures our clients consistency in the quality of their cleaning.

Merec Operation Managers and individual account working supervisors, will insure quality of service is met by conducting detailed Quality Control Inspections on a regular basis.

What sets us apart from our competitors is Accountability! We are not perfect but strive for excellence. Merec Operation Managers and Owners will assure prompt immediate resolutions to any concerns our clients may have. We strive to minimize problem situations by “Preventing Fires” rather than “Putting Fires Out”.

Our goal at Merec is to create partnerships with our valued clients. We seek long term partnerships with our clients and would truly love the opportunity to become part of your business family!

Our Janitorial/Commercial departments cater to individual clients needs and budget offering weekly and daily services 365 days per year to:

  • Malls
  • Country Clubs
  • Churches
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Schools and Day Cares
  • Restaurants
  • Museums
  • Small Offices and Cooperate Buildings(Class A Buildings)
  • Health Disorder Facilities
  • Banks
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Property Management Buildings
  • City and County Administration Buildings
  • Police Departments
  • Improving Work Environments Every Day!

    Merec Cleaning Systems understands that it’s better not to be seen or heard, just clean. The only thing you’ll notice is what’s not there. Dust, dirt, garbage, grime, bacteria, paper waste, and odors are just some of the things you’ll never see in your workplace. No matter where you work, and in what section of the building, we make sure you have the same reactions, “Hm, it smells so good in here.” or “It used to smell just like take-out in here.” Pretty soon our clients won’t be able to help it. They’ll be like, “Just leave it, our cleaning service will get it.” We never want our commercial cleaning services to be about our client’s cleanliness. It’s about ours. We are the professionals after all. And we want you to trust that we’ll take care of your office environment. Our teams are reliable and trained to treat your commercial property like our own. We take pride in being the commercial cleaning service that businesses can depend on. Return to a work environment better than you left it the night before.

    To Maintain Better Work Environments--Let Us Get to Cleaning!

    Merec Cleaning Systems in Cary, NC is serving the entire Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Apex, Wake Forest, Morrisville, and surrounding areas. We’re here to provide next level commercial cleaning services. It’s just not enough to “clean up.” When choosing a quality cleaning service, it’s all about the details. Clients who come to Merec enjoy timely service and hassle-free cleaning.