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The Next Best Thing To a New Home

Although we have a franchise look and feel, Merec is far from it! And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with franchising, there are some industries that just need a little more of a personal touch and feel. Here at Merec, we understand that your home is your sanctuary. A place that holds all of your most treasured possessions and memories. A place where your children learn to crawl and occasionally eat food off of your floor! A place where your pets frolic and play. A place where you take relaxing baths after a hard day at work. A place that needs to be CLEAN!

Your home is delicate and requires the utmost care. You want your belongings taken care of by someone who you not only trust to allow access to your sanctuary but also someone who understands the importance of your possessions. A person who understands that those possessions need to be taken care of just as you would if not better!

Here at Merec we understand the importance of Home and Family. In fact, our very name exemplifies that importance and stands for each member of our very own family! We are a locally owned and operated small business. Our family is the backbone of this company! We are building this company from the ground floor up. All on our own. One home at a time! When you call our office you will speak to Rhonda or Eddie (the owners) directly and will never be put off on a corporate office somewhere on the other side of the country! By using Merec for your preferred cleaning service you support a locally owned, family operated small business serving the greater Triangle area.

At Merec we strive to be house ‘keepers” not house “cleaners”. Anyone can clean your toilet but we want your experience with us to be more than that. We want you to come home to a clean AND organized home. One where you feel there is not one more thing that needs to be straightened or put away to make it just perfect. A home that you do not want to “mess-up” by sleeping in the freshly made bed or disturbing the neatly organized cushions on the couch. With Merec it is “all about the details” because that is what people notice. The detail determines the quality of your experience and we are a premium house “keeping” service! We want to build long term relationships with our customers where we can watch their families grow, change and evolve. No compliment is better than a referral and when our customers are so happy with our service that they refer us to a friend, family member or co-worker, we know we are on the right track!

We can handle virtually any job, anywhere! Our company location is centrally located in Cary, NC which allows us to focus our services in Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill, Apex, Morrisville and Wake Forest. Call us today for a free estimate!

Pet-Friendly Residential Cleaning Services

Your pet is a part of the family that you can never forget about. Neither will we! We work with the residents’ pets to protect them from any escape tendencies or know aggression to strangers. No one intends for any accidents and we train our teams and also accompany them to ensure the protection of everyone involved. You should never let your pet be the reason you both aren’t able to maximize your home’s cleanliness and comfort. Merec isn’t there to cause a disruption our cleaning process, but prevent any liability for you or dangerous situations for our staff. Our teams always consist of one English-speaking Team Leader and 2-3 additional Assistant Cleaners. The Team Leader is responsible for communicating with you (the homeowner) and overall quality control. Assistant Cleaners are trained in cleaning specific areas of your home to insure consistent results at every cleaning. However, we do cross-train to accommodate in the event of an absence, schedule shift and turnover.

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There are too many concerns going on outside the home to be stressed when you return. When you partner with a Merec Cleaning Systems crew you can leave all your day’s stress at the doorstep. Walk back into your residence and notice how orderly and clean everything is. You may not touch anything because you don’t want to “mess” anything up. The luxury of our residential service is that we can restore the cleanliness and order over and over again, just for you. We perform exceptional cleaning services that obviously restore order to your residents. But there are some not-so obvious concerns that we meet. Our cleaning experts use the industry’s best quality green cleaning supplies. And there’s no telling how much time and energy we’re saving people with health conditions, larger homes, children, and move in/out cleaning needs. Give us a call today at 919-321-8635 to schedule your free residential cleaning service estimate.