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Keeping High Foot Traffic Areas Cleaner--Merec Cleaning Systems

Merec Cleaning Systems uses the industry’s best carpet and floor care equipment. The most advanced models available are all available with our cleaning services. The areas of your facility that receive the most foot traffic, usually collect the most grime and dirt from outside sources. Shoes are certainly the enemy of any clean carpet, but unless making all visitors, employees, etc. take off their shoes is feasible, then it’s unavoidable. But property owners should not worry about the care for their carpets and floors. We have cleaning crews that can come to your property and return the floors to their original condition. With our top-of-the-line equipment, we can be called upon for special cleaning assignments. Whether you’re getting the property ready for re-sale or there’s been an unfortunate accident or stain, we can make it look like new. One of our carpet cleaning advantages is our use of Pro-Team Vacuum models. They provide more cleaning power than most upright vacuums, and Pro-Team even has a Bronze Certified upright vacuum in their line. High Filtration backpack vacuums provide a host of benefits in commercial facilities including the following:

  • More dirt is contained, captured and removed.
  • Captured dirt does not escape from the bag and leak back into your facility.
  • Better indoor air quality for employees and clients.
  • More maneuverability allows for efficient cleaning of hard to reach floor surfaces such as stairways.
  • Vacuum attachments reach into nooks and crannies and allow for high dusting applications such as cleaning ceiling vents to 9ft.
  • Capable of cleaning commercial carpeting and hard floor surfaces which negates the need for an upright to transition between surfaces.